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Energy Management Training Eenovators Ltd
  • Energy sources and technologies: Learners will gain an understanding of different energy sources relevant to the blue economy, such as offshore wind, wave energy, tidal energy, and marine biomass.
  • Understanding the latest advancements and technologies in energy management in the blue economy. Energy efficiency and conservation: Participants will develop knowledge and skills related to energy efficiency and conservation practices specific to the blue economy.
  • Renewable energy integration: Participants will learn how to integrate renewable energy systems into blue economy operations effectively. This includes understanding the technical aspects of integrating renewable energy sources, assessing feasibility and economic viability, and overcoming implementation challenges.
  • Regulatory frameworks and policies: Participants will gain knowledge of the relevant regulatory frameworks and policies related to energy management in the blue economy. Including understanding national and international laws, permits, and incentives supporting the development and operation of renewable energy projects.
  • Environmental impact assessment: Participants will learn how to conduct environmental impact assessments specific to energy projects in the blue economy. This will involve understanding the potential environmental impacts of energy extraction or generation activities and learning how to mitigate and manage these impacts.
  • Financial and economic considerations: Participants will develop an understanding of the financial and economic aspects of energy management in the blue economy e.g., project financing, cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, and evaluating the economic feasibility of renewable energy projects.
  • Case studies and best practices: Participants will be exposed to real-life case studies and best practices in energy management within the blue economy. They will learn from successful projects and experiences, understanding lessons learned, and applying those insights to their own work.
  • Practical skills and tools: Participants will develop practical skills and tools necessary for energy management in the blue economy such as auditing techniques, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation methods, and the use of software or tools for energy management.
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