Event Details

The Board is mandated under Section 58 of the Engineers Act, 2011 to make rules generally for better carrying into effect the Provisions of the Act. The Board with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary prepared Engineers Rules and subjected them to stakeholders who gave their input. Thereafter, the Board engaged the Office of the Attorney General and the National Assembly.

The implementation of the Engineers Rules 2019 gazetted on 15th April 2019 started in the month of July 2019. As the Board marks one year of implementing the Engineers Rules 2019, we would like to appreciate the experiences of professional and consulting engineers in relation to the implementation of the Rules. Hence, the Board has organized this webinar with the theme “The Engineers Rules 2019: One Year of Implementation – Appreciating the Experience of the Consulting and Professional Engineers”.

The webinar provides an opportunity for professional and consulting engineers to air their experiences since the Board started implementing the Rules in July 2020 as well as any concerns they may have regarding compliance with the Engineers Rules 2019. The webinar also provides an opportunity for speakers and panelists from the Board to unpack the topic and also respond to the concerns related to the implementation of the Rules as raised by professional and consulting engineers.

The webinar will be held on an online platform (GoToMeeting). Upon succesful booking, details of joining the webinar will be sent via e-mail and the meeting ID will be sent via SMS. 

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