Large Engineering Projects: Using the Stakeholder Value Network Approach in the Stakeholder Analysis and its Impact on Successful Project Completion

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Arising from the webinar on "Strategic management for large engineering projects: the stakeholder value network approach" a need to discuss the importance of stakeholders and how to determine the priority of each stakeholder using the stakeholder value network in a large engineering project was identified. In the first webinar, a discussion on strategic management in engineering projects was discussed. The stakeholder theory and stakeholder analysis was introduced using the stakeholder value network approach.

Stakeholder analysis is a technique that can assist the project team managing large engineering projects to identify and understand different stakeholders that have an interest in the project and the individual nuances that can affect project risk. In an environment where office politics often appear to cloud a project’s progression, stakeholder analysis provides the team with views and measures and that can help uncover and remove barriers.

The technique described in this webinar adopts the value associated with a particular stakeholder to assist project managers in large engineering projects identify, prioritize and support the interests of the key groups. When interests that cannot be supported arise, the knowledge that they exist and what level of influence the stakeholder may impose can be a great asset to the project team. The difference between success and failure of a large engineering project can be simply in knowing project advocates and opponents, understanding their respective needs and levels of influence, and aligning the project accordingly.

This Webinar will discuss "Large Engineering Projects: Stakeholder Analysis and its Impact on Successful Project Completion" with regard to stakeholder value network approach.

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