Monitoring and Evaluation in the Face of Disruption; A case study of COVID-19

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Kenya, like many other countries across the globe, is experiencing unprecented financial and economic challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, Kenya as a country needs to remain on course towards responding to its development needs even as she continues to grapple with the challenges presented by the pandemic. There is an increased need to ensure that the increasingly scarce resources are being well spent.

Considering the challenge of COVID-19 there is an increased need for creativity in adapting a new framework for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). This webinar focuses on the new methods through which M&E can be conducted during this period. Key areas of focus in this webinar include:

  • Third-Party Monitoring for “no-go” areas
  • Digital M&E
  • Shortcomings of digital M&E
  • Specific lessons on M&E drawn from the Ebola pandemic
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