Asset Life Cycle Information Management and Reliability Solutions for Plants

Event Details

The webinar has 3 parts.  It demonstrates how today’s innovations can:-

  • Increase efficiency by accurately managing, controlling, distributing, and archiving all types of information related to infrastructure assets
  • Enable information integrity by identifying and retaining the context of information and relationships to your projects, processes, equipment, and users
  • View and manage linear networks, related assets, and attributes together with other spatially located information
  • Comply with corporate record keeping policies by managing your corporate records and associated information across the lifecycle
  • Manage asset structures and associated tags including systems, components, product and item baselines, snapshots, and serialized items
  • Identify assets posing the greatest risk to your business and rank assets by failure consequence and relative risk
  • View asset condition data and trends in an asset health dashboard to analyze and strategically plan inspections and maintenance
  • Perform asset condition analytics for linear assets to enhance predictive maintenance and planning
  • Provide proof of regulatory compliance with historical and real-time condition reports
  • Manage assets spread across a wide geographic area with a solution that supports your mobile workforce
  • Optimize worker safety by minimizing unplanned outages, preventing catastrophic failure, and maximizing worker engagement in the field
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