Sensitization on Social Safeguards for Infrastructure Projects

Event Details

About the Webinar

This webinar is meant to address the critical intersection of project development and community impact. It gives professionals in the infrastructure sector insights into ethical practices, community engagement, and stakeholder management to ensure projects consider and mitigate social risks. This program equips participants with strategies for sustainable, socially responsible infrastructure development, fostering positive relationships with communities and stakeholders. It emphasizes the importance of aligning projects with societal needs and values for long-term success and community well-being.

Objectives of the Training

  • Develop strategies for infrastructure professionals to engage ethically with communities affected by projects
  • Equip participants with tools to identify, assess, and mitigate social risks associated with infrastructure projects.
  • Foster skills in building and maintaining positive relationships with diverse stakeholders, ensuring community support and project success

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the Webinar, it is expected that participants will have: -

  • An understanding of ethical practices in engaging with communities, promoting transparency and trust
  • Ability to apply skills to identify and mitigate social risks, ensuring projects align with community values and minimize negative impacts.
  • Ability to build & maintain positive relationships with stakeholders, contributing to successful and socially responsible infrastructure projects.

Target Audience

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Contractors
  • Executives / Senior Management / Middle Management of organizations in the construction industry
  • Operational Level Professionals

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