The 5th Engineering Partnerships Convention

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About the 5th Engineering Partnerships Convention

Kenya’s first engineering regulatory body was established in 1969 under Engineers Registration Act, Cap 530 and was known as the Engineers Registration Board. The mandate of the Board under this legal framework was to regulate the activities and conduct of registered engineers in accordance with the functions and powers conferred upon it by the Act.

In order to effectively regulate the engineering sector, there was need to amend the Act to provide for wholesome regulation of the engineering value chain.

The Engineers Registration Act was repealed in 2011 with the enactment of the Engineers Act 2011. The mandate of the Board now became the registration of engineers and firms, regulation of engineering professional services, setting of standards, development and general practice of engineering. It has therefore been 60 years of thoughtful, pioneering, insightful, exciting, dynamic and progressive delivery of engineering infrastructure, processes and systems.

There is therefore need to take stock and reflect and celebrate the achievements, respond to the emerging trends and challenges and reset to address current national and global challenges, and look forward to the next 60 years of engineering being at the heart of innovation, infrastructure development and technological advancements.

Objectives of the Convention 

  • Showcase Kenya’s engineering innovations
  • Reflect: Celebrate and honor the accomplishments and milestones in engineering over the past 60 years
  • Respond: Address the current global challenges and explore how engineering can contribute to solving them
  • Reset: Strategize for the future, setting new goals and directions for the engineering field
  • Collaboration: Foster collaboration and networking among professionals, innovators, researchers, policy makers, academia and organizations

Target Audience 

  • Engineers, engineering technologists, technicians and associated professionals
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Academicians and students
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Industry leaders
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs

Key Activities

  • Plenary Sessions 
  • Technical Sessions
  • Workshop & Tutorials 
  • Panel Discussions
  • Innovation Fair
  • Networking Opportunities
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