International Women's Day Celebration Dinner

Event Details

The Board will be hosting the Women Engineers Dinner on 8th March 2024. This initiative intends to bring together women Engineers to a forum for discussing the gender-based issues in the socio-economic and political development. The objectives of the dinner are: - 

  1. Sensitization on the number of Women Engineers in leadership positions.

Create awareness during the dinner about the availability of specific graduate internship programs designed to elevate women engineers into leadership roles. Highlight success stories of women who have progressed from internships to leadership positions.

  1. Discuss pathways for resource mobilization towards gender-related measures.

Integrate discussions on funding and resource allocation for initiatives supporting female engineers in internships. Promote specific programs that provide financial support for women pursuing internships and emphasize the importance of investing in gender-inclusive initiatives.

  1. Networking and mentorship among women Engineers.

Showcase existing internship programs that offer networking opportunities and mentorship for female engineers. Encourage participants to join these programs to build valuable connections within the engineering industry.

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