Managing Contractual Relationships in the Face of Disruption

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Following the breakout of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative for the engineering sector to monitor and understand contractual risk and exposure triggered by the pandemic. As the COVID-19 crisis continues uncertainty is prolonged making it inevitable for organizations and stakeholders in the engineering sector to be equipped with a holistic understanding of their contractual portfolios. Players in the engineering sector need to make informed assessments and decisions about contracts during these uncertain times.

This webinar on ‘Managing Contractual Relationships in the Face of Disruption’ focuses on three main aspects of contract management in the face of the Coronavirus-related disruptions, i.e.,:

  • Contractual challenges in the face of the disruption
  • The imperative for risk mitigation – Identification of Impacted contracts, understanding and actively tracking relevant provisions, determination of applicability and enforceability of clauses, renegotiating and creating an action plan, understanding long-term costs
  • Sector-specific example challenges
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