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Section 7(1)(q) of the Engineers Act 2011 gives the Board the power to plan, arrange, co-ordinate and oversee continuing professional training and development and facilitate internship of graduate engineers. In compliance with the Section of the Act mentioned above, the Board rolled out a Graduate Engineers Internship Programme (GEIP) in August 2019. The Board has also developed various competency standards to enhance the effectiveness of the GEIP initiative. Professional and Consulting Engineers play a vital role in the training and mentorship of graduate engineers under the GEIP initiative. As a result, the Board wishes to sensitize the Professional & Consulting Engineers on the GEIP initiative including the newly developed competency standards.  

Rule 10(1) of the Engineers Rules 2019 says that the Board shall issue every registered professional engineer & consulting engineer with a practising identity card. Rule 10(4) says that the Board shall issue an official rubber stamp to every professional & consulting engineer registered under the Act on payment of the fees prescribed in the Third Schedule. The Board would therefore like to sensitize professional and consulting engineers on these compliance tools.

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