Project Delivery in the Face of COVID-19

Event Details

Engineers involved in planning and execution of capital projects have vast experience in handling emergencies. However, COVID-19 has had unprecedented impacts in the following areas of project execution:

  • Workforce – Employees face serious health risks, some maybe furloughed for some time, and cybersecurity is becoming a concern since most employees are handling project data remotely
  • Operations and Supply Chain – Projects face supply shortages, interruptions and delays due to logistical challenges
  • Financing – Challenges of COVID-19 hurt project margins, project cash flows, and loan terms & conditions
  • Tax and Trade – Projects may become more complex due to changes in tax rules and policies especially for projects whose supply chains spread in more than one country.

It is critical for engineers involved in capital projects to devise a swift and effective response to the fast-moving project execution challenges presented by COVID-19. The webinar on ‘Project Execution in the Face of COVID-19’ focuses on practical steps for responding to the project execution challenges triggered by the coronavirus crisis.

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